Hey all, Exciting times at IM HEAT! We have been putting in a little extra time and are proud to announce that our VERY FIRST PODCAST EPISODE will be ready to go this Wednesday! At last, you will be able to understand why all of our social media handles end in “pod.” We plan to […]

My Last Night in the Hospital

Hi all, So it’s Memorial Day, and coincidentally I am in the process of finishing my last inpatient shift of residency. I have decided to take a moment here to reflect on my training and what I’ve learned. I feel pretty good about what I’ve written here, and I think it could be interesting (and hopefully […]

Even Short-Term Corticosteroid Use Is Associated With Significant Adverse Events (Not Just Stretch Marks)

Things corticosteroids have been shown to be effective for since I started my medical training: community-acquired pneumonia, bacterial meningitis, and (just for kicks) sore throat. Seems like a little prednisone can make just about anyone feel better, and while the long-term adverse effects of steroids are well-documented, the collective wisdom of physicians seems to be that […]